Inspired by the recently recycling program in my university, I thought few days a ago: “in what way can we turn Lebanon into an environmentally country. Realizing that Lebanon is deficient this change, I chose to research about NGOs or different associations, which are taking the activity and working towards making a greener country. I couldn’t find that much but enough to start:

  • Electronic recycling:

You have an old TV, computer or broken device and you don’t know what to do with them… Just send them to beeatoona, which is an NGO that collect any electronic device and E-cycle them.

  • Simple recycle:

We all now by now about the “ Bouchons Roulants” program; everyday we throw away tons of plastic caps so instead of doing that horrible act wen can simply collect them and buy a wheelchair for a person with disabilities. So, collect the greatest number of plastic caps as you can and send them to Arcenciel’s central.

Screw caps

And not to forget about my previous post about the red&blue program, that is so simple, all you need to do is distributing your trashes.


  • Recycled product:

In any market nowadays, you can find recycled package, bags and many other eco-friendly stuff so do not forget to use/buy them. For example Spinneys now is one f the supermarket that is going green.


  • Be green:

It so simple to eat green and be green, all you have to do is to encourage “bio” products through organic food.

Organic vegetables isolated on white

After what I have seen in my university from the red&blue program to the “ Bouchons Roulants” program, I believe that, yes, Lebanon can be an environmental country. There are more many ways that can help Lebanon to be a green country but it s enough to start with these. So recycle as much as u can because you will not only be helping our environmental but also helping a person in need and yourself :).


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