Sukleen, part of averda Group, is the main waste administration organization in Lebanon. It oversees city cleaning and waste gathering, while its backup Sukomi deals with the waste treatment through sorting, reusing, recycling, and hygienic transfer of waste for Greater Beirut and Mount Lebanon.


Sukleen are sending the above-indicated reusing boxes especially made for workplaces for those who are interested and will committed to the recyclable program. Its an easy one all you to do is to sorting the paper form the plastic according to the color of the box, the red one for plastic, metal, glass and the blue one for paper, cardboard.

rdctr_140619192676 rdctr_140619184039

Couple years ago an interview was done with Sukleen Managing Director Mohamed Ali Hodeib about the recycling program and he said: “ Not only paper. We usually pick up different kinds of recyclable material, including glass, paper, cans and plastic. We have been doing this for the last five years. So today, we are proud of having around 750 participants in our recycling program. Institutions from the public and private sectors, such as schools, universities, companies are participating. Once the recyclables are collected, they are sent into the waste treatment plants. The paper is sent to a recycling company. Plastic is treated. It’s shredded and then sent to a plastic recycling company. Every kind of material is treated in a different way. I think in terms of the plastics, we handle them very well. The paper and glass need special treatment facilities that we don’t have, so we send them to other companies.”

I wish they had begun this activity quite a while before with organizations, yet at the same time its a decent one and must to be trailed by others to spread mindfulness and awareness on reusing and get the Lebanese more involved. One of the examples of companies/universities that are taking this program is our university RAFIK HARIRI UNIVERSITY and I am very proud that most of the students are committed to this program, one of them is me.


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