The American University of Beirut campus

Lebanese people have gotten to be usual to the consistent and steady development of “greater and better” structures and shopping centers in the nation. Despite the fact that these foundations offer shopping, feasting, motion picture viewing, and homes to occupy, the happiness they give is not without a cost: there’s more concrete and less green in our sprawling urban wilderness.


Gebran Khalil Gebran Garden

According to Beirut.com and Dima Boulad, prime supporter of The Beirut Green Project – an activity went for spreading mindfulness about and empowering the utilization of accessible green spaces – to discover where Lebanese can get the most out of the nation’s open spaces.

There are 5 places that are recently going green in Lebanon and its nations:

  • Sanayeh gardens( Rene Moawad garden)
  • Gebran Khalil Gebran Garden
  • The American University of Beirut campus
  • Sioufi Garden
  • Horsh Tabet (Not to be confused with Horsh Beirut)

Horsh Tabet (Not to be confused with Horsh Beirut)

Today I went to one of the most amazing go green places in Lebanon; Horsh Tabet. It was a peaceful place, located in the outskirts in Sin-EL-Fil, everyone was enjoying their time from families, friends and not to forget the pets. It’s a place for everybody even children were having fun in the playground. It is very environment-friendly place full of recycling bins in different corners of the area.

From the gained experience, I recommend everyone to take a break from the chaos, boring and stressful city life. Therefore, my advice is to give a call to the friends or family, take some food and beverage, and enjoy the fresh air of the peaceful parks of Lebanon.


Sioufi Garden


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