So as i mentioned before that  i am a graphic design student at RHU , my senior project is about eco-living and the importance of go green with architecture . My mission is to promote and develop the importance of go green. It’s an organic eco place, along with the study of every material to create a go green exhibition place throughout Beirut and the region. Green verve is an  environmental place for art, galleries, artist collectives and cultural institutions. Green verve venue represents art spaces in Beirut and is committed to engaging the public in Lebanon and across the region to go green.

My vision :

  • Value of sustainable environment
  • Understand the use of energy, water and wastes.

The concept  behind this architectural place is to explore the relationship between nature and the urban environment. Inspired by the letter G, the design integrates the natural beauty of Biel – Beirut.  Its organic surface is made of a single material; glass as it transmits nature light, evoking the great achievements of architectural history. A landscape garden and an indoor cafe are captured to Green Verve establishing a new meeting point for green, art lovers in the capital Beirut.

Mass Reem

I named my piece of work GREEN VERVE because green suits my concept of recycling and verve resembles to life , energy and passion.

Reem 3


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