Wind Tree


The chances to decrease the environmental impact of our houses starts form the location to the small details like lights and decoration.

There are lots of materials and energy saver are used for green architecture and aren’t boring as they seems to be; yet they are modern. Today am going to talk about The “Wind tree” that is mainly the best go green invention.

Wind Tree:

French company NewWind has taken green energy to a new level and invented a tree inspired form nature that has 72 “leaves” micro turbines that rotate in the wind and generate up to 3.1kw of energy according to CNN. The first “Wind tree” will be displayed in Paris – place de la Concorde starting form 12 march 2015.


Jerome Michaud-Larivire is the creator of this green energy and according to him this idea came up while observing the leaves of a tree in a windless day.

The Wind Tree generates power at wind speeds as low as 4.4 miles per hour According to Green Building Elements. The Wind Tree is made entirely of steel and, according to the manufacturer; it is completely silent while running.  Each wind tree is about 36 feet tall and 26 feet wide.



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