Sustainable Architecture and why it’s Important for Small Business ?

It’s not easy to go green but its not hard as you think. Today I am going to talk about sustainable architecture and why it’s important for small business.

Green building is the act of expanding the proficiency with which structures; buildings use vitality, materials and water to minimize natural effects.

The costs of go green in nothing if we want to compare it to normal design. According to Line shape, on average, each $4 per square foot green building can save $58 per square foot over 20 years.

Green design? It’s a big major to underestimate it, interior design, materials, water, solar system, high levels insulation and more are all included.

A lot of things can be recycled and turned into important stuff that can be used for beneficial things. For example, steel, landscaping materials, kitchen countertops and many other stuff.

So why build green? A lot of benefits to go with green building like environmental, economic and social benefits. (The bellow picture shows more details)

It’s important to always look for LEED. Numerous structures can contain green building materials and traits however may not actually qualify as green. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is the broadly recognized rating framework for business and institutional green structures. The system aides secure a standard estimation for green building


IT PAYS TO GO GREEN: Learn about sustainable architecture [infographic] – source-



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