Tires can be design !


Creative ways to reuse old tires !

According to suistainlebabysteps, under 7% of tires are reused, with 11% getting to be fuel and around 5% of them being traded out of the nation. The rest are stored, discarded illegally into nature, or sent to the landfills. Also 190 million tires squander away in the sun or some place else around. And did you know that there are millions ways to recycle those tires into a green way with a small effort?! They can however be utilized as building materials and more, or even as the building pieces for better streets with Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC). The natural impacts of tires can compass quite a while because of their moderate deterioration, however they can be utilized as a part of an extraordinary number of routes on account of that same life span. The following are a few tips and thoughts to help you get more of them before you consider throwing them through a reusing methodology.


Cute small benches -source-


Smart way to park your bicycle 😉 -source-


Decorate your garden – source-


A useful product for your home -source-


Funny character for kids -source-


cheap and classy -source-

I really loved the idea of recycling tires, its simple and everyone can do it, even you can do it with your family and enjoy ;).


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