Inspired by the recently recycling program in my university, I thought few days a ago: “in what way can we turn Lebanon into an environmentally country. Realizing that Lebanon is deficient this change, I chose to research about NGOs or different associations, which are taking the activity and working towards making a greener country. I couldn’t find that much but enough to start:

  • Electronic recycling:

You have an old TV, computer or broken device and you don’t know what to do with them… Just send them to beeatoona, which is an NGO that collect any electronic device and E-cycle them.

  • Simple recycle:

We all now by now about the “ Bouchons Roulants” program; everyday we throw away tons of plastic caps so instead of doing that horrible act wen can simply collect them and buy a wheelchair for a person with disabilities. So, collect the greatest number of plastic caps as you can and send them to Arcenciel’s central.

Screw caps

And not to forget about my previous post about the red&blue program, that is so simple, all you need to do is distributing your trashes.


  • Recycled product:

In any market nowadays, you can find recycled package, bags and many other eco-friendly stuff so do not forget to use/buy them. For example Spinneys now is one f the supermarket that is going green.


  • Be green:

It so simple to eat green and be green, all you have to do is to encourage “bio” products through organic food.

Organic vegetables isolated on white

After what I have seen in my university from the red&blue program to the “ Bouchons Roulants” program, I believe that, yes, Lebanon can be an environmental country. There are more many ways that can help Lebanon to be a green country but it s enough to start with these. So recycle as much as u can because you will not only be helping our environmental but also helping a person in need and yourself :).



Sukleen, part of averda Group, is the main waste administration organization in Lebanon. It oversees city cleaning and waste gathering, while its backup Sukomi deals with the waste treatment through sorting, reusing, recycling, and hygienic transfer of waste for Greater Beirut and Mount Lebanon.


Sukleen are sending the above-indicated reusing boxes especially made for workplaces for those who are interested and will committed to the recyclable program. Its an easy one all you to do is to sorting the paper form the plastic according to the color of the box, the red one for plastic, metal, glass and the blue one for paper, cardboard.

rdctr_140619192676 rdctr_140619184039

Couple years ago an interview was done with Sukleen Managing Director Mohamed Ali Hodeib about the recycling program and he said: “ Not only paper. We usually pick up different kinds of recyclable material, including glass, paper, cans and plastic. We have been doing this for the last five years. So today, we are proud of having around 750 participants in our recycling program. Institutions from the public and private sectors, such as schools, universities, companies are participating. Once the recyclables are collected, they are sent into the waste treatment plants. The paper is sent to a recycling company. Plastic is treated. It’s shredded and then sent to a plastic recycling company. Every kind of material is treated in a different way. I think in terms of the plastics, we handle them very well. The paper and glass need special treatment facilities that we don’t have, so we send them to other companies.”

I wish they had begun this activity quite a while before with organizations, yet at the same time its a decent one and must to be trailed by others to spread mindfulness and awareness on reusing and get the Lebanese more involved. One of the examples of companies/universities that are taking this program is our university RAFIK HARIRI UNIVERSITY and I am very proud that most of the students are committed to this program, one of them is me.



The American University of Beirut campus

Lebanese people have gotten to be usual to the consistent and steady development of “greater and better” structures and shopping centers in the nation. Despite the fact that these foundations offer shopping, feasting, motion picture viewing, and homes to occupy, the happiness they give is not without a cost: there’s more concrete and less green in our sprawling urban wilderness.


Gebran Khalil Gebran Garden

According to and Dima Boulad, prime supporter of The Beirut Green Project – an activity went for spreading mindfulness about and empowering the utilization of accessible green spaces – to discover where Lebanese can get the most out of the nation’s open spaces.

There are 5 places that are recently going green in Lebanon and its nations:

  • Sanayeh gardens( Rene Moawad garden)
  • Gebran Khalil Gebran Garden
  • The American University of Beirut campus
  • Sioufi Garden
  • Horsh Tabet (Not to be confused with Horsh Beirut)

Horsh Tabet (Not to be confused with Horsh Beirut)

Today I went to one of the most amazing go green places in Lebanon; Horsh Tabet. It was a peaceful place, located in the outskirts in Sin-EL-Fil, everyone was enjoying their time from families, friends and not to forget the pets. It’s a place for everybody even children were having fun in the playground. It is very environment-friendly place full of recycling bins in different corners of the area.

From the gained experience, I recommend everyone to take a break from the chaos, boring and stressful city life. Therefore, my advice is to give a call to the friends or family, take some food and beverage, and enjoy the fresh air of the peaceful parks of Lebanon.


Sioufi Garden



So as i mentioned before that  i am a graphic design student at RHU , my senior project is about eco-living and the importance of go green with architecture . My mission is to promote and develop the importance of go green. It’s an organic eco place, along with the study of every material to create a go green exhibition place throughout Beirut and the region. Green verve is an  environmental place for art, galleries, artist collectives and cultural institutions. Green verve venue represents art spaces in Beirut and is committed to engaging the public in Lebanon and across the region to go green.

My vision :

  • Value of sustainable environment
  • Understand the use of energy, water and wastes.

The concept  behind this architectural place is to explore the relationship between nature and the urban environment. Inspired by the letter G, the design integrates the natural beauty of Biel – Beirut.  Its organic surface is made of a single material; glass as it transmits nature light, evoking the great achievements of architectural history. A landscape garden and an indoor cafe are captured to Green Verve establishing a new meeting point for green, art lovers in the capital Beirut.

Mass Reem

I named my piece of work GREEN VERVE because green suits my concept of recycling and verve resembles to life , energy and passion.

Reem 3

Sustainable packaging

When we discuss the idea of sustainable pacakging, the exchange typically fixates on enhancing economic and natural execution. A lot of us think that sustainable advantages us with littler bundle sizes and different measures that reduce material expenses.


Sustainable design packaging

Speaking of sustainable package i cannot but think about Marwa Nizam, an RHU graphic design graduate  who won BankMed Sustainable Packaging Award 2013 which is part of Liban pack -STARPACK-competition that deals with sustainable/eco friendly packaging.

The Sustainable Package

The Sustainable Package

She designed an eco friendly Gipsy package that not only is visually pleasing but rather the material she used is recyclable.

Wind Tree


The chances to decrease the environmental impact of our houses starts form the location to the small details like lights and decoration.

There are lots of materials and energy saver are used for green architecture and aren’t boring as they seems to be; yet they are modern. Today am going to talk about The “Wind tree” that is mainly the best go green invention.

Wind Tree:

French company NewWind has taken green energy to a new level and invented a tree inspired form nature that has 72 “leaves” micro turbines that rotate in the wind and generate up to 3.1kw of energy according to CNN. The first “Wind tree” will be displayed in Paris – place de la Concorde starting form 12 march 2015.


Jerome Michaud-Larivire is the creator of this green energy and according to him this idea came up while observing the leaves of a tree in a windless day.

The Wind Tree generates power at wind speeds as low as 4.4 miles per hour According to Green Building Elements. The Wind Tree is made entirely of steel and, according to the manufacturer; it is completely silent while running.  Each wind tree is about 36 feet tall and 26 feet wide.


Sustainable Architecture and why it’s Important for Small Business ?

It’s not easy to go green but its not hard as you think. Today I am going to talk about sustainable architecture and why it’s important for small business.

Green building is the act of expanding the proficiency with which structures; buildings use vitality, materials and water to minimize natural effects.

The costs of go green in nothing if we want to compare it to normal design. According to Line shape, on average, each $4 per square foot green building can save $58 per square foot over 20 years.

Green design? It’s a big major to underestimate it, interior design, materials, water, solar system, high levels insulation and more are all included.

A lot of things can be recycled and turned into important stuff that can be used for beneficial things. For example, steel, landscaping materials, kitchen countertops and many other stuff.

So why build green? A lot of benefits to go with green building like environmental, economic and social benefits. (The bellow picture shows more details)

It’s important to always look for LEED. Numerous structures can contain green building materials and traits however may not actually qualify as green. LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is the broadly recognized rating framework for business and institutional green structures. The system aides secure a standard estimation for green building


IT PAYS TO GO GREEN: Learn about sustainable architecture [infographic] – source-